About CHE

We have developed a reputation for employing professionals of the highest level of skill, compassion, and integrity.

CHE Behavioral Health Services is a premier behavioral health company providing best practices and comprehensive services in long term care settings.

CHE believes in an integrated and interdisciplinary model of service delivery to best support the residents and treatment team. The integration of behavioral health services enhances the standard of care afforded to the residents, encourages person-centered patient care practices, supports quality assurance performance improvements (QAPI) outcomes, and assists with survey readiness.

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CHE offers comprehensive services delivered by expert behavioral health specialists. In recognition of the changing client base of nursing facilities, our services have become more diverse in scope while individualized to the needs of the sub-populations of our client facilities.

This includes diagnostic evaluations, psychotherapy treatment services, cognitive/neuropsychological assessment, interdisciplinary support and formal staff training, and assistance in behavioral management. Services are conducted in the context of regulatory compliance and supportive documentation.