CHE In-Service Enhancement Program

Dear CHE Clinician,

Conducting staff trainings is an integral component of best practices in behavioral health services in long-term care.

Nursing home staff partners provide care to diverse patient populations with complex biopsychosocial comorbidities and a wide range of psychiatric symptoms and behaviors. Unfortunately, education and training on mental health topics is often minimal, leaving staff feeling frustrated with their inability to successfully address challenging behaviors in a compassionate manner. Educating other disciplines on our particular area of expertise to improve patient care, staff self-efficacy beliefs and skill-set, and reduce staff burnout are integral aspects of the role of the nursing home psychologist.

In our efforts to encourage our CHE clinicians to continue to gain new skill sets and support staff education and training, we have implemented a new initiative to support in-service delivery in your partnered facilities.

CHE’s In-service Enhancement Program involves two stages:

1) Train the trainer, in which clinicians watch sample in-service training videos on select topics to gain exposure to relevant information and experiential training activities, and

2) Completion of a series of training topics at you facilities to increase your expertise as a trainer and in best practices in delivery of behavioral health services.

Currently in-services are reimbursed at the standard administrative rate.

For clinicians who complete a “train-the-trainer” series, which entails viewing presentations on four core in-service topics, future in-services at their facility will be reimbursed at a higher rate.

The four core in-service topics include:

1. Dementia

2. Managing Challenging Behaviors

3. Psychiatric Illness in Long-Term Care

4. Stress Management for Staff

Please be sure to send an email to Jennifer Birdsall after the completion of this training to ensure we are aware of your participation and completion of the first stage of the In-Service Enhancement Program.

After you complete a series of ALL four core in-services at an assigned facility, you will receive a certificate indicating you are an “Advanced Trainer” for CHE and you will again be reimbursed at a second higher rate for future in-service trainings.

In order to receive your certificate and higher reimbursement rate, please send an email to Dr. Birdsall with the dates of the completed four core trainings at your facility.


Some facilities are more proactive and will ask you to provide a staff training. For facilities who are not as proactive in requesting in-services, you may wish to discuss possible topics with the Director of Staff Development (DSD) and encourage trainings throughout the year. Our recommendation is to offer these four training topics, conducting one per quarter (approximately every three months) for ongoing staff training and support on behavioral health topics.

In our experience, quality staff trainings have the potential for a huge impact on patient and staff well-being.

We hope you will embrace this opportunity for professional growth, increased expertise building, and facility support. You will likely find that you greatly enjoy staff education, that it leads to increased integration and more meaningful relationships with the interdisciplinary team members, and increases your general professional satisfaction as a psychologist in long-term care.

If you have any questions or would like to consult on in-service trainings, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Birdsall.