Psychiatric Services (in select regions)

Clinical Excellence

CHE psychiatry services include skilled nurse practitioners and other health professionals committed to clinical excellence, compassionate care and professional integrity. Our psychiatry services focuses on psychotropic medication management. CHE psychiatry providers are skilled in the management of psychiatric care and behavioral health while utilizing a person-centered approach that will aid staff and caregivers in addition to improving residents’ quality of life.

Collaborative Approach

CHE psychiatry team members work in collaboration with CHE psychology providers to provide comprehensive and quality behavioral health services. CHE psychiatry clinicians will cooperatively work with our partnered facilities to treat illness such as anxiety, depression, dementia, psychosis and behavioral disturbances.

Supporting our Facility Partners

Through utilizing CHE’s psychiatry services, the facility receives support for survey preparedness, regulatory compliance and achieving positive outcomes (e.g. reduced hospitalizations, patient compliance, discharge preparedness). CHE psychiatry clinicians provide support to our partnered facilities by participating in interdisciplinary psychotropic meetings. Our providers work with facility staff to improve the management of difficult behaviors and reduce the use of unnecessary psychotropic medications. Through consistent resident visits CHE clinicians work to gradually reduce medications as indicated and/or provide the necessary documentation for continued appropriate use of psychotropic medications.