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Why Ignoring Nursing Home Residents During The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Reckless

Dr. Miriam A Knoll, M.D.

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There is widespread support to increasing telehealth capabilities in nursing homes, because residents’ health and psychological needs are higher than ever. "The anxiety level among nursing homes residents is extremely high right now," says Nathan Treitel, COO of CHE Services, a behavior health company that services long term care facilities across the U.S. "We were recently called to help counsel an elderly man who attempted suicide because he was so worried he would get COVID-19 and die."

CHE Behavioral Health Services is a leading provider of behavioral health services since 1995.

Behavioral health specialists employed by CHE are assigned to over 1000 long-term care facilities in NY, NJ, PA, CA, TN, GA, KY and CT, including skilled nursing facilities, community-based adult homes, assisted-living settings, adult day care, and rehabilitation centers. They provide comprehensive behavioral health services to improve the quality of life of residents and assist the interdisciplinary care team in achieving best person-centered care practices.

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CHE has developed a reputation for employing professionals of the highest level of skill, compassion, and integrity.

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“ Up to 40% of long-term care residents have a psychiatric diagnoses. ”

(Grabowski, et. al., 2009, Reichman, et al, 2010; Unutzer, et al, 1997)

Regulatory Support and Survey Preparedness

CHE's smartly designed programs are geared toward maximizing regulatory compliance, appropriately increasing reimbursement, and driving positive outcomes.

With programs specifically developed to address and assist facilities with new obligations under Medicare rules of participation (ROP), expanded Federal tag (F-tag) requirements, star ratings, and appropriate PDPM reimbursement maximization.

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Regulatory Support and Survey Preparedness

“ Up to 90% of nursing home residents have clinically significant psychiatric symptoms or behavioral disturbances. ”

(Grabowski, et. al., 2010)
Long-Term Care Facility Services

Long-Term Care Facility Services

Patients in post acute and long-term care environments have distinct needs that often require quality behavioral health professionals to assist with comprehensive interdisciplinary assessment and treatment services. The integration of behavioral health into the interdisciplinary care planning contributes to numerous positive outcomes for the resident and facility, including: reduction in psychological and behavioral symptoms, reduced use of psychotropic medications, increased treatment compliance, reduced rehospitalization/readmissions, improved resident independent functioning, and improved quality of life. CHE’s comprehensive service model also provides assistance with regulatory compliance and survey preparedness.

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