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We have developed a reputation for employing professionals of the highest level of competence, compassion, and integrity. Read the latest testimonials from our clients and partners.

"(Dr. Joudy) may be one of the best therapists I've been able to get. Has been a difficult process to get help. I actually feel she will be able to help me alot!!"
"I think the fact that CHE put forth the effort to apply for Hero Pay for their employees says a great deal and means a lot. It really demonstrates how much they care about us. A far cry from my last employer."
"Dr. Jill Backfield-Weiss has helped me immensely during this stressful time in my life. She has helped me to better process things that I have going on and to help me feel better about myself as a person. I would highly recommend her to anyone."
"I think the video definitely boosted Morale, which we need right now more than ever. I appreciated the incentive because I feel like it is going to be needed due to having more and more positive residents and staff which could lead to less patients being seen."
"I am very grateful to work for CHE and to feel valued as an employee. The bonus is going to really be helpful over the coming months because I have seen fewer patients and my husband's business has slowed down. The video is a great way to get our name out there and let people know what we do."
"My therapist helps me cope with life and work stressors to bring about peace and balance in my life."
"I think it's a great thing. I know many of their providers and patients were affected by Covid-19 n it shows that they care. Not only about their employees, but their patients as well. Offering services to employees within the LTCF and providing services for the families as well. I think this is an awesome thing. N the video provides the morale that we are in this together"
"I thought it was really nice. I feel very fortunate with the Hero pay considering there are others not able to work at all right now. It's so nice to feel appreciated and recognized. I also appreciate the boost in morale during these difficult times. It really makes a difference."
"I like what CHE is doing to portray a positive image for the company and bring light to the emotional and psychiatric needs of the LTCF population. The video and incentive really helps with company morale and demonstrates provider appreciation."
"I wanted to contact you about the care our facility has received from CHE. We had a contract with another Behavior program and were excited to be changing to CHE. We do have some challenging residents and staff like all facilities. CHE has gone above and beyond with helping our facility. Phyllis and Gena respond to calls and text always in a timely manner and follow back up to make sure that everything was addressed correctly. Gena Peterson NP is amazing!! She helps with medication management, QM’s, weight program, Prior authorizations, and is always just a phone call away. She really knows the residents and helps redirect the staff on resident centered ways to deal with residents behaviors. We have a new Administrator and she, like me can not say enough good things about Gena. Neither one of us are from this area and have worked with CHE before but have never worked with anyone like Gena."
"I feel both the Hero pay has shown a great deal of compassion and leadership by a team of people who has shown that they don't just have people who work with others to care for their fellow man but they deploy the same characteristics in themselves. The video shows unity and I do believe that We are ALL CHE AND TRULY think our leaders feel the same way."
"I would like to extend my appreciation towards the leadership at CHE for the support and visibility during these difficult times. It is a great time to help everyone feel that we are part of the team and that we matter. The CHE video has allowed us to demonstrate that."
"I am really grateful to have started working with my therapist. I enjoy the opportunity to be heard and improve my situation in small actionable steps. Each week never goes to waste because I'm committed to becoming the best version of myself and yet we all have our weaknesses. Working with my therapist I have come into greater clarity of how it is I can improve and am encouraged to become the best version of myself."
""Dr. Jackie is great! I've referred 2 people to CHE for behavioral services so far and they love it also.""
"Linda has made me feel very comfortable from our very first session and I am so glad to have found a therapist like her, very helpful and I look forward to my next session. Thank you"
"I could not be more satisfied with the virtual sessions I have been having with Dr. Amy Miller. She is treating me for high intensity, high frequency panic attacks and depression. She is attentive, respectful, and an excellent listener. She has a unique ability to reframe my thoughts and feelings into actionable strategies. I’ve been in therapy before but for the first time feel like I am making concrete steps towards my goals. I am so grateful. CHE Behavioral Services is so much more organized and efficient than my insurer’s last mental health provider. Easy virtual sign-in. Very satisfied."
"On behalf of the staff here at Far Rockaway Center, I would like to thank CHE for the luncheon you provided for us today. I want to thank your organization for being able and willing to continue providing services to my residents and the staff during this unprecedented pandemic. Keith Gonsor was here on his scheduled days, ready and willing to provide assistance wherever it was needed. He donned his PPE and met with the residents in their rooms and whatever private areas he could find. His calming presence and approach definitely helped to keep my residents on track. Being quarantined in such a small facility and for such an extended period of time, certainly began to take its toll on my residents, but he was here to assist us as needed and as he saw fit. I have worked with Keith in another facility, and continue to really appreciate his service, work ethic , and time he spends here at FRC. Once again thank you for the luncheon and for Keith!"

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