Partnering with CHE

CHE is committed to working with our partnered facilities to provide comprehensive quality behavioral health services. Our aim is to create a person-centered care program that will improve residents’ quality of life and functional capacity, and help staff in their role of caregivers. Through CHE’s comprehensive service model, the facility is supported in meeting positive outcomes (e.g. improved patient compliance, functioning, discharge preparedness, reduced hospitalizations), as well as receiving support for survey preparedness and regulatory compliance.

CHE’s behavioral health experts are committed to person-centered care, assisting in the comprehensive assessment process, support of non-pharmacological and individualized interventions, and both in-formal and formal staff training.

For more information on our comprehensive services, please see “Services” page.

The Process

When a facility selects CHE Behavioral Health Services to manage their psychological services, the following steps will occur:

1. CHE will meet with your facility to discuss the unique needs of the population at your facility and create a program of care that best meets the needs of your patients, staff, and facility as a whole.

2. CHE will then train the Facility Staff to identify residents who are in need of psychological services. Specifically, they will be taught to detect the following symptoms/disorders:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis
  • Significant adjustment concerns
  • Hoarding
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Patients with recent loss and grieving
  • Clinically significant stressors (New chronic medical diagnosis, change in living environment, etc.)
  • Psychiatric and behavioral symptoms of dementia

3. When an appropriate patient referral is identified, a physician order is placed and the referral is made to the CHE specialist/s.

4. Upon completion of the initial evaluation of the resident, the provider will recommend a treatment plan compatible with the facility’s “Care Plan”.

5. If clinically warranted, the CHE provider will provide behavioral health treatment to the resident in accordance with the individualized plan of care (e.g. individual, group, medication management and/or family treatment).

6. The provider will also provide clear communication on individualized care planning to the staff through charting, staff discussions, and participation in meetings, in compliance with regulatory guidelines.