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CHE Behavioral Health Services is a multispecialty clinical group dedicated to increasing access to behavioral and mental health services and to reducing stigma associated with mental health conditions. In line with our belief that mental health care should be readily accessible, we provide both psychology and psychiatry services in multiple settings including our Outpatient Telehealth Services Clinic, Skilled Nursing Facilities, In-person Psychotherapy Clinics, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities, as well as Home Health Care.

CHE employs a clinical team of over 700 licensed clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists. Our philosophy of care is grounded in the belief that mental health care should be holistic and patient-centered. Rather than utilizing a one size fits all approach, we recognize people’s mental and emotional health as highly individual and reflective of personal experiences and history, biological and genetic factors, relationships and social support, and social factors such as economic, gender, racial, and other systemic disparities. Personal mental health is tied to the health of communities and the greater social world; therefore, CHE believes that mental and emotional well-being is best achieved by working at both the individual and community levels.

To support strong communities and contribute to a more just social world, CHE works to strengthen diversity and inclusivity and to reduce systematic practices that negatively impact mental health. We actively support and partner with non-profit organizations and other companies dedicated to creating a more equitable world. Through our treatment philosophy, teletherapy services, clinics and facilities, social activism, and community support, CHE hopes to create a world where stigma around mental health is eradicated and where seeking mental health care services is viewed as good self-care.

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Our CHE team has come together during these challenging times to appreciate our caring, hard-working professionals.


Telehealth services are changing the way physicians and clinicians access and treat patients all over the world. Utilizing various digital devices, healthcare professionals are able to communicate and manage the health of the patient from virtually anywhere. CHE providers utilize video software to connect with patients to provide telepsychotherapy--talk therapy from the comfort of the patient’s home.


CHE provides Behavioral Health services to residents of long-term care and rehabilitation centers in a caring and cost effective manner. Seniors can have a better quality of life for a longer period of time. Studies have shown that good mental health can result in better physical health and a longer, fuller life. It is often assumed that the elderly are not good candidates for psychological intervention. This is not true. The elderly can be very effectively treated for psychological problems. It is the nature of the psychiatric disorder and not the age of the resident, which is the crucial issue in whether an individual will respond to treatment.

Additionally, seniors and their families are becoming more educated, more psychologically sophisticated and more likely to have had some contact with psychotherapy. Those factors lead to greater acceptance and, therefore, a higher success rate.

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Our trained professionals treat such major problems as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, psychosis, and behavioral disturbances. In addition, they provide behavioral interventions for such medical problems as non-compliance, hypertension, chronic pain, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

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