We have developed a reputation for employing professionals of the highest level of competence, compassion, and integrity.

CHE is a multispecialty, clinic-based group of licensed professionals dedicated to increasing access to mental health services and reducing the stigma of mental health conditions. With over 850 psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers and licensed marriage & family therapists, we are the largest employer of non-contract, W2 mental health providers in the United States.

We are proud of our reputation for providing gold-standard behavioral healthcare. In line with our belief that mental health services should be readily accessible to everyone, we provide support for adults 18 years and older with Outpatient Telehealth Therapy, In-person Therapy Sessions, Telehealth Psychiatry, Assisted Living Facilities, as well as Home Healthcare and other clinical partnerships throughout the United States.

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Telehealth services are changing the way physicians and clinicians access and treat patients all over the world. Utilizing various digital devices, healthcare professionals are able to communicate and manage the health of the patient from virtually anywhere. CHE providers utilize video software to connect with patients to provide telepsychotherapy--talk therapy from the comfort of the patient’s home.


CHE provides Behavioral Health services to residents of long-term care and rehabilitation centers in a caring and cost effective manner. Seniors can have a better quality of life for a longer period of time. Studies have shown that good mental health can result in better physical health and a longer, fuller life.

Additionally, all patients and their families are becoming more educated, more psychologically sophisticated and more likely to have had some contact with psychotherapy. Those factors lead to greater acceptance and, therefore, a higher success rate.

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Our trained professionals treat such major problems as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, psychosis, and behavioral disturbances. In addition, they provide behavioral interventions for such medical problems as non-compliance, hypertension, chronic pain, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

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