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3 Signs You May Benefit From Couples Therapy

June 4, 2021

Relationships are like living, breathing things. They need energy and care devoted to them to ensure they stay healthy and ultimately thrive. Couples therapy is beneficial for couples in all stages of their relationship and does not necessarily mean that a problem or issue has to exist for a couple to benefit from treatment. However, here are three signs that seeking help from a couples therapist might be the solution for you and your partner.

You Keep Repeating The Same Fights

If you and your partner find yourselves repeating the same arguments or having conflicts over the same issues over and over, it may be time to enlist a third party to help. Continually having the same arguments is a sign that no true resolution has been reached which is a bad pattern to create. Fighting and arguing are a part of any relationship. However, arguing with no resolution can lead to resentment and ultimately degrade the relationship.

You No Longer See The Positive

In a healthy relationship you should associate your partner with fondness and positive thoughts. However, once your thoughts are mainly made up of negativity or blame, it may mean that your bad memories are overtaking any of the good ones. That may mean it is time to seek help from a licensed couples therapist.

There Is A Lack Of Communication

A shift in communication may also be a warning sign that couples therapy could be beneficial for your relationship. If you are finding it difficult to open up to your partner about your feelings or just talking with them less in general, couples therapy could help to get you both back on the right track.

According to a 2021 study, couples typically wait over two years after a serious problem occurs to seek help from a couples therapist. A lot can happen in those two years, allowing time for those problems to grow and manifest in other ways. It’s always better to seek help at the first signs of issues to help maintain a healthy relationship between you and your partner.

If you are interested in learning more about couples therapy and booking an appointment with one of our qualified therapists, click here.

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