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Vaccine distribution has finally arrived and with it the hope of a more “normal” life at some point in the not too distant future. But until then...

Vaccine distribution has finally arrived and with it the hope of a more “normal” life at some point in the not too distant future. But until then, many are still being advised to socially distance and maintain a level of quarantine. So until “normal” life returns, here are a few ways to practice self care while you’re stuck at home.

Maintain Social Interactions

We know, you’re over Zoom and FaceTime, everyone is. But it’s important to maintain social interactions. Try collaborating with a coworker on a project over Zoom to help your home office feel more like the real office. Or have a virtual movie night with friends and family using Netflix Party (aka Teleparty).

However you connect, try scheduling longer socialization sessions. Participating in a bunch of short interactions in one day can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted whereas having one, engaging interaction can actually leave you feeling energized.

Focus On Your Health

Remember all those times you used to say you didn’t have time to focus on your fitness, cooking healthy meals, or focusing on your mental health? Well now you may have a little more time to devote to your physical and emotional well-being, and a little can go a long way.

  • If you’re working from home, a short 20 minute workout might be the perfect way to break up your workday.
  • Instead of ordering in, try getting the ingredients for a recipe you’ve always wanted to try out but never had time to. Make it fun and involve a friend (virtually or safely in-person) to join you on your cooking adventure.
  • Use the time you used to use for a morning commute or school drop-off to engage in a 10 minute meditation session.
  • Carve out an hour to meet with a mental health professional safely from home using a telehealth service.

Get Out Whenever You Can

If you can leave your home and it’s safe to do so, do it. Take a walk or hike outdoors, go to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for a healthy home cooked meal, take your work call sitting outside in your backyard. Being cooped up in your home can leave you feeling stir crazy. A change in scenery and fresh air go a long way to centering yourself and reenergizing.

Plus, sunshine and natural light can help rejuvenate your mind and body and help you ward off feelings of anxiety or depression that can sometimes accompany the winter months. Getting some much-needed vitamin D, even if it’s only a few minutes each day, can do wonders for your health and wellness.