Destigmatizing Mental Health Thumbnail

Mental illness affects one in five American adults each year. Unfortunately, half of the people who need mental health support aren’t getting it because of the stigma attached to their condition.

The US Surgeon General’s Report of Mental Health identified stigma as a public health concern that leads people to “avoid living, socializing, or working with, renting to, or employing individuals with mental illness.”

At CHE, we pledge to do our part to lessen this impact by promoting awareness of behavioral health, whether that means talking openly about our own mental health struggles, using person first language, educating our communities, or advocating for greater access to mental health services at the state and federal level.

We are optimistic that together we can help America recognize that caring for mental health benefits everyone. Eventually, we believe mental health will be given the same respect we give our physical health and that mental health treatment will be considered just as valuable to individuals and communities. As NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) so poignantly states: “Together, we will turn the tide on stigma by spreading awareness, support, and understanding for every person who experiences mental illness. Together, we can make a difference for the better.”