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Mental Health Awareness Month

May 11, 2022

With the ongoing worldwide strife involving the Ukraine tragedy, lingering COVID, and now with inflation, high food, and gas prices, we can fully appreciate the importance of taking care of our mental health. The global incidence of depression and anxiety has significantly increased over the past year or so, by 28% and 26%, respectively emphasizing the toll that ongoing stress, isolation, and insecurity can have on our lives, both physically and mentally.

What many people don’t realize is that mental health awareness month is not a new concept and was first recognized by Mental Health America in 1949 to reduce stigma, spread awareness of the significance that mental health care plays in our lives and how it deeply affects both our physical and emotional well-being.

Origin of Mental Health

The concept of "mental hygiene" originated in the 19th century and was first noted in English literature in 1843, however, references to mental health as a discipline aren’t found prior to 1946. The mental hygiene movement can be credited to Mr. Clifford Beers who after a suicide attempt while at Yale University, was admitted to three separate mental hospitals for treatment of manic-depressive disorder. He published a book in 1908 based on his personal experiences of the mistreatment he observed which led to the establishment of the Mental Hygiene Society in Connecticut. He is also the founder of the first outpatient mental health clinic in the U.S, founded in 1913 in New Haven Connecticut and aptly named after him.

Mental Health Awareness Goals - May 2022

For Mental Health Awareness month in 2022, the goal of the National Alliance on Mental health (NAMI) is to bring people together in advocating for mental health and increased access to care by expanding the message of “Together for Mental Health”. Take a few minutes to explore NAMI's website which contains personal stories, videos and scheduled national events and also welcomes you to share your own story or awareness information.

CHE Behavioral Health Services is proud to jump onboard in aiding NAMI and other organizations in spreading the word of “Together for Mental Health”. Our entire organization abides by our companies Mission, Vision, and Values and take them to heart during our interactions with our patients. Our mission statement “To help each person meet their wellness and quality of life goals through easy access to the highest caliber providers” defines our organization's purpose and intention.

Helpful resources can be found through our social media posts, blogs and white pages. We are also proud to offer free mood screenings (located on our website) with a licensed therapist to determine a patient’s mood and provide them with valuable resources. This May, lets join in fighting against the mental health stigma by advocating for policies supporting those with mental health disorders and their families, providing public support and education so others realize they aren’t alone.

With prevention and effective treatment, which often include a combination of therapy and medication management, individuals can recover from mental illness and go on to live a rewarding and satisfying life.

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