CHE Senior Psychological Services Announces Rebrand to CHE Behavioral Health Services

February 13, 2020

CHE Senior Psychological Services, a leading behavioral health provider since 1995, announced that the company has rebranded to a new company name, website and logo. The organization will now be known as CHE Behavioral Health Services.

The transition to CHE Behavioral Health Services reflects the broader offering of services that we provide to residents in our 1,000+ facility partners. CHE originally obtained its strong reputation by providing best-in-class psychotherapy services to residents in skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation facilities. CHE’s addition of psychiatry services several years ago has allowed the organization to provide full-spectrum psychotherapy and medication management services, while assisting the facility’s interdisciplinary care teams in achieving best person-centered care.

On top of providing additional patient services, CHE has also expanded into new geographies. In February 2019, CHE began providing behavioral health services in Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. These three new state territories added to the existing five states that CHE operated in previously: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and California. This expansion pushes CHE’s reach to over 100,000 patients annually seen in 1,000+ facilities.

CHE’s CEO, Michael Lawler, “I am really pleased that CHE Behavioral Health continues to offer such a high level of care to the residents of our partner senior care facilities. The professionalism and quality of patient care offered by our clinicians is truly a model to follow. I’m excited that we have been able to expand our services to meet the needs of facility residents in Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky and stay at the forefront of meeting the ever-evolving spectrum of Behavioral Health requirements of patient centered programs. CHE continues to strive to be the premier provider of behavioral health services within the senior care facility space and will continue to expand our services to meet the needs of our clients and patients.”

For any questions, please contact CHE’s Vice President of Human Resources, Christine Santai at [email protected].

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