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What Is Intimate Partner Violence, and How Do We Help Prevent It?

August 29, 2022

Jessica Yaffa

Jessica Yaffa is the Co-founder and President of NoSilence NoViolence, a non-profit organization committed to providing education, training, resources, and community development that eliminates the stigma surrounding relationship abuse and sexual assault. Jessica is a two-times published author, internationally-recognized healthy relationships expert, speaker, trainer, and coach. With more than two decades of experience, she’s held several leadership positions within the mental health community. She is the President and CEO of Jessica Yaffa, LLC, the Director of Wellness Services at SokyaHealth, and the former President of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council.

As a survivor of extreme domestic violence, Jessica became a certified relationship coach offering private coaching for people and couples to help them realize and affirm their true values, find freedom and vulnerability, and step into their authentic selves. She has a degree in sociology from the University of San Diego, California.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jessica Yaffa talks about intimate partner violence and domestic violence and who it impacts
  • The statistics of people experiencing intimate partner violence
  • Jessica explains ways to spread awareness around intimate partner violence
  • The signs to look for to know if someone is experiencing intimate partner violence
  • The three steps you can take to help someone in an intimate partner violence situation
  • What are the prevention strategies for intimate partner violence?
  • Jessica explains how having boundaries in a relationship can help in the prevention of intimate partner violence
  • How having domestic violence awareness month as a community helps prevent it
  • Jessica shares her thoughts on domestic violence policies, including the boyfriend loophole policy
  • Jessica talks about NoSilence, NoViolence and its mission

In this episode…

Are you or someone close to you experiencing domestic abuse or intimate partner violence? How can you prevent this public health concern? Are there resources you can find to help?

As a survivor of extreme domestic violence and a dysfunctional relationship, Jessica Yaffa has unique insights and an intimate understanding of the dynamics of what makes a healthy relationship. Recognizing that there were far too few safe spaces where survivors were able to go for unbiased, totally transparent, and trauma-focused support, she founded a non-profit organization committed to changing the way people talk about and view domestic violence. Now she shares her life’s purpose — support those who are struggling, eliminate the stigma, shine a light on how to move from trauma to healthy relationships, and change how our communities respond to intimate partner violence and abusive relationships.

In this episode of Ready to Talk, Ready to Listen, Dr. Larkin Hoyt sits down with Jessica Yaffa, the Co-founder and President of NoSilence NoViolence, to discuss intimate partner violence and its impact. Jessica talks about ways to spread awareness around intimate partner violence, the signs to look for to know if someone is experiencing it, and intimate partner violence prevention strategies.

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