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CHE Behavioral Health Services: Your Mental Wellness Future

April 5, 2022

Michael Lawler headshot

Michael Lawler is the Chief Executive Officer at CHE Behavioral Health Services, a private equity-backed company that services patients across the behavioral health continuum via telehealth, in-person clinics, and senior care facilities with licensed clinical providers. Michael joined CHE in 2018 with extensive executive and senior leadership experience in the healthcare industry, ranging from DME to radiology, imaging, and oncology sectors. Michael brings compassionate leadership to CHE and is skilled in M&A, physician relations, team building, and more.

Lucy Janoyan headshot

Lucy Janoyan is the Chief Operating Officer at CHE Behavioral Health Services. She has 20 years of healthcare experience in a variety of settings. Over the last six years with CHE, Lucy has been focusing on developing the organization’s operations and sales efforts. In her current role, she leads and guides the clinical team as well as the field operations team to ensure that they maintain gold standard care for their patients.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Michael Lawler and Lucy Janoyan talk about CHE Behavioral Health Services and what they do
  • The difference between CHE and other behavioral healthcare platforms
  • Who are the healthcare providers at CHE?
  • The secret behind the growth and success of CHE
  • Advice to someone considering applying for work at CHE

In this episode…

How would it benefit you to share your struggles with someone freely and comfortably? What if there were experts that could help you with your mental health needs?

Both young and older Americans struggle with different behavioral and mental health illnesses. For years, it's been taboo and difficult to get access to a clinician or provider who could help you with these needs. Luckily, there are now behavioral healthcare platforms like CHE that easily provide care to patients in an environment where they are most comfortable.

In this episode of Ready to Talk, Ready to Listen, Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 sits down with Michael Lawler and Lucy Janoyan of CHE Behavioral Health Services to discuss the unique benefits of their care provider group. They explain the difference between CHE and other behavioral healthcare platforms, the requirements for their healthcare providers, and the secret behind their growth and success.

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This episode is brought to you by CHE Behavioral Health Services.

CHE offers comprehensive mental healthcare solutions, including in-person and telehealth psychology and psychiatry services.

Listen: Americans are experiencing greater stress, anxiety, and depression than ever before.

CHE’s mission is to provide access to high-quality care and help individuals improve their quality of life and emotional well-being.

We have over 850 professionals committed to providing gold-standard and evidence-based behavioral healthcare.

To learn more about CHE or to book an appointment, please call us at 888-831-2618 or visit

Episode Transcript

Intro 0:04

Welcome to Ready To Talk, Ready To Listen, a podcast about all things mental health. CHE Behavioral Health Services interviews guests as they discuss relevant mental health topics and speak with our industry's top leading trailblazers. Let's get started discussing behavioral health and ways to support our mental well-being.

Michael Lawler 0:28

Hello, Michael Lawler here.

Lucy Janoyan 0:30

And Lucy Janoyan. We are the Co-hosts of the Ready To Talk, Ready To Listen podcast, where we feature top industry experts and those interested in behavioral health care and mental wellbeing.

Michael Lawler 0:41

Today we have Dr. Jeremy Weisz here of Rise25 who has done thousands of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, and we have flipped the script and today he'll be interviewing us.

Jeremy Weisz 0:54

Thank you both for having me. I am really excited. This is going to be a great episode and everyone needs the world today what you guys do so I can't wait to introduce this. Before we get into it and dig into it, this episode is brought to you by CHE Behavioral Health Services, and CHE offers comprehensive mental health care solutions including in-person and telehealth psychology and psychiatry services. And we all know this right? Americans are experiencing greater stress, anxiety and depression more than ever before. And that's what your mission is. CHE's mission is to provide access to care and support individuals to improve their quality of life and emotional wellbeing. And you have over 850 professionals committed to providing the gold standard and evidence-based behavioral health care. You can learn more about CHE or booking an appointment, you can call them at 888-831-2618 or visit I want to start first with Michael, why don't you tell people a little bit about CHE and what you do.

Michael Lawler 2:00

Absolutely. Thank you, Jeremy. What's really great about CHE is we've been here providing active care for over 25 years. And the company with all these providers has focused on one thing and one thing first, which is behavioral health with a patient-centered focus. And our patient-centered focus of all out of the residence-based care for senior and elder population. But over the years, we realized a large broad population of patients were experiencing various challenges and difficulties. And it felt really natural for us to take our experience and our depth of knowledge and bring it to the general public. And that's what we do today. We have sites of care where we provide patient overview and development in the form of residents care, in-person care over telehealth or via video solutions. And we continue to expand that for both psychological services and psychiatric services, depending on the patient.

Jeremy Weisz 2:57

And tell people a little bit about Lucy, Michael.

Michael Lawler 3:00

Sure. I'm really proud to highlight Lucy. So Lucy is our Chief Operating Officer of the company. She has 20 years of extensive health care experience in a variety of settings most recently over the last six years with CHE focusing on developing our operations and our sales efforts. Her depth of experience brings a real wealth of opportunity for our company, because she leads and guides the clinical team as well as the field operations team to ensure that we have really top-tier gold standard care for our patients.

Jeremy Weisz 3:35

Everyone knows if the operations aren't working, everything comes to a screeching halt. So Lucy tell people a little bit about Michael.

Lucy Janoyan 3:45

Absolutely. Well, I'm actually very lucky to be a COO and partner with Mike Lawler. He is the Chief Executive Officer for CHE and came to CHE about four years ago with extensive executive and senior leadership experience in the healthcare industry, ranging from DME to radiology, imaging, and oncology sectors. And Michael brings compassionate leadership to our organization. And he's really brought the team together, both from within and hiring talent from outside the organization. We really believe and support his vision for CHE, which is really about patient care and clinician first clinical focus and providing that holistic approach to mental health and behavioral health service delivery. And I'm very excited about the future of CHE and where we're headed. And that's all thanks to his leadership of our organization.

Jeremy Weisz 5:02

Michael, I want to start there, which is I know, there's all like multiple behavioral healthcare platforms out there. They do different a variety of things. Can you talk about CHE and where that fits in, in the spectrum?

Michael Lawler 5:16

Yes, it's been intriguing to me that there's been this evolution of access for behavioral health solutions, and access for patients to care. And in some cases, it's done really well. In other cases, the access limit. We all know that young Americans, elder Americans struggle with all of the behavioral health and mental health illnesses are out there. We also know for years, it's been taboo, or it's been difficult to get access to a clinician or a provider who can help you with your needs. I think what CHE brings is this 25-year experience of clinical care. And we bring that in an environment where the patient is most comfortable. So whether it's in the comfort of their home, by way of a video chat, whether it is an in-person setting, at one of the possible solutions we may have, or a variety of other mediums. We try to find the fitting for the patient and the provider were the most common. And I think what's really unique about us is that we build virtually every insurance care out there. So from a patient's perspective, this is easy access to care, with a great solution with a provider. And ultimately, it comes to you under the comfort of your current insurance coverage.

Jeremy Weisz 6:32

That's probably a lot of the first questions people ask is, you probably help a wide spectrum, but also, how do you accept payment, because they're worried about that? So that's great to know. And I want to talk in either for you, Lucy or Michael is, what's a provider makeup of the organization?

Michael Lawler 6:53

Lucy. Why don't you share that?

Lucy Janoyan 6:54

Sure. So we hire licensed therapists, and really doctoral-level providers, as well as master's level providers, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapist, and we also hire psychiatrist, as well as psychiatric nurse practitioners. And most people don't know the difference. Well, the licensed therapists provide what we call psychotherapy. So it's talk therapy. And that's by way of either video or in-person. And the psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners provide medication management so they can prescribe medications, they can manage that over time, based on what the patient needs, and it's all really driven by the medical necessity. So we do have the medical model, and it's very important to us that there is medical necessity, our approach is really first non-pharmacological approach. And then after the assessment, then the patient will be referred to, if needed, psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist for that. So that is really the difference of our providers, and we have a wide range of clinical modalities that we treat.

Jeremy Weisz 8:23

Yeah. And we will talk in another episode about the type of things that you treat. And so check out another episode for that, with about the patient care, what are the things that you provide, the different services and also the treatments as well as the actual categories that you help people with like anxiety, trauma, depression, we'll get deeper on those. But what I want to talk about with this one is you're expanding, there's a lot of people that push are loving working there and why they're loving working there and some of the success behind the growth.

Michael Lawler 9:04

It's been really interesting to me and exciting to me to follow our providers’ kind of growth in the organization. And what makes the company different in many approaches is simply this. We seek define really talented providers, those clinicians, whichever their discipline have focus has been in the BRL space and allow them to craft a patient care based upon the individual patients that they're working with. And so they the providers really enjoy that and they enjoy that because they get this chance to build a relationship with the patient, the patient gets a chance to fit very well with the provider that makes them comfortable to talk about their challenges. At the end of the day, the providers themselves can set their schedule. So we have patients who are coming into CHE through a variety of methods including social media, via our website, or they hear about us through the general public. And then we match them to the provider that fits them as best as we possibly can. And they get a chance to have a trial session and then determine on based on that session where their care would go.

Jeremy Weisz 10:17

Last question. You have a lot of clinicians and other people applying to work there. And I'm wondering if you're talking to someone now, someone considering working there because I know you turn a lot of people away because of the credentials, you want to make sure they're experts in their fields. Someone's considering working there, what would you tell someone who is thinking of should I apply to work there or not?

Michael Lawler 10:45

To me, the biggest piece for a provider, I think, is making it fit into their work-life balance. And for us, it's an ability to offer a full employed relationship, that we helped develop that providers capabilities over time, we have full internal CEU training, which is continuing education. We offer a huge benefits package for them. We offer paid time off as appropriate based on their needs. We have a hugely competitive compensation package. And as I mentioned earlier, this ability for them to build their own work-life balance to see patients as they feel available really works. Our goal is to be the employer of choice for clinicians and neighbor health today. And I think we've done a very good job up to this point.

Jeremy Weisz 11:32

First of all, I want to thank you, Lucy, I want to thank you, Michael. Everyone should go to Learn more, check them out, and check out more episodes. Thanks, everyone.

Lucy Janoyan 11:43

Thank you.

Michael Lawler 11:43

Thank you very much.

Outro 11:49

Thanks for joining us in this episode of Ready To Talk, Ready To Listen, all things mental health. Click to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time.

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