Professional Development at CHE

Professional Development at CHE

CHE Behavioral Health Services is an APA accredited CEU provider and is committed to the ongoing professional development and training of our qualified professionals.

In our efforts to support the continual development of clinical expertise, geropsychology and health/rehab psychology competencies, and implementation of best practices and integrative models of care, CHE offers a number of professional development opportunities, including:

  1. Annual in-person professional development workshops

  2. Webinar training opportunities on various topics

  3. Formal continuing education (CEU) opportunities, both in-person and web-based self-learning (CHE is an APA accredited CEU provier)

  4. E-learning modules on clinical and documentation practices

  5. One-to-one clinical consultation and support

  6. Clinical resource guides on relevant topics, e.g. rehabilitation psychology, working with patients with dementia, behavioral management, and documentation support

  7. Quality assurance programs to support best practices in documentation

  8. Monthly professional development readings

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