Bruce T, Ph.D.

Male, California, Speaks English

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I have over 20 years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist. I am highly respected and frequently quoted in the media, as an expert on subjects including anxiety; depression; self-esteem; stress management; music and creative expression as paths to healing; and, more recently, coping with the psychological effects of the pandemic, and its aftermath. My foundation for working with patients is unconditional positive regard, and my approach is non-judgmental and client-centered. I place a heavy emphasis on establishing and maintaining rapport with my clients, as the basis for generating positive change and personal growth in them. I approach individuals on my caseload, not so much as "patients," but as "mental health athletes," committed to learning, and applying new skills, new perspectives, and coping strategies, to their lives, in order to more effectively manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. Clients overwhelmed with personal problems often lose a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. I help them to rediscover that meaning and that purpose, so that they may replace feelings of hopelessness with a sense of hope.


Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Difficulties, Spirituality


Humanistic/client-centered therapy; use of music and art as creative interventions; Object Relations Theory

Medical Licenses


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