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Nancy A

Female, New York, Speaks English

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I have 20 years of experience as a Clinical Social Worker. I have worked with other professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, MD's etc. helping and treating persons dealing with psychosocial and mental health issues. I have a private practice but for most of my career I worked in Out patient Mental Health clinics and in Psychiatric Hospitals. I consider my style to be realist and I look to help individuals learn to verbalize and express their emotions, feelings, concerns, worries, whatever the issues or symptoms are that have brought them to point to seek clinical treatment, psychoeducation and guidance. I try to them identify a person's strengths, help them recognize these and use their strengths as a starting place to develop stronger and purposeful coping strategies and management skills to improve their understanding of what quality of life and career and personal relationships they are seeking if possible.


Depression, Anxiety, relationship difficulties both personal/familial, negative thinking patterns, negative behavioral patterns, general / repetitive dysfunction.


Interpersonal therapy, motivational interviewing, Humanistic, anger/anxiety management

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